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Get involved

Do you want to run the @WVUstudents Twitter account?

Well, you're in luck! You can apply to run the account for a week here. Our @WVUstudents account is an opportunity for current WVU students to showcase what life is like at our University for high school students who are interested in coming to the University in the future. If we like what we see in your submission, we'll get in touch with you ... but it might be a few weeks, because we only feature one student per week.

Do you run an official University social media account?

We have a campus social media managers Facebook group, and we'd love for you to join. If you'd like to be added to this group, email 

Do you want to add your social media account to our directory?

We add many of our official University social media accounts to our social directory . If you've recently started a new account and would like it to be added to our directory, simply fill out this form