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Guidelines and tips

Does WVU have social media guidelines?

Of course! You can find them on the social media guidelines page . If you have any questions about our guidelines, please feel free to email us at 

WVU is prepared for an emergency on social media.

Did you know that West Virginia University was one of the first universities to develop and use a social media crisis communications plan? While we hope we never have to use it, we' r e prepared to update our audiences via social media in crisis situations. If you're a social media manager at the University, you can help to by following guidelines found on the  social media crisis communication guidelines page

Which hashtags do I use and when?

We've got you covered. If you're running an official University social media account, we want to make sure you know our official hashtags and when we'd like you to use them. Check out our list of official hashtags

How do I make our social media #GoFirst? 
If you're a campus social media manager, you'll want to keep our "Mountaineers Go First" brand campaign and guidelines in mind as you post on social media. You can find more information on our brand. While we ask that you keep to our visual brand guidelines, it's important that you use your own personality on social media. In the end, this personality may be very similar to our overall brand personality, but it should reflect the audience you're trying to reach and the platform you're on - and that usually skews younger and more informal on social media. If you don't have a personality for your social media accounts, learn about  creating and owning your own personality.  
So you really want to start a new social media account?
Great! We love to see our WVU community understand how important social media is ... but we want to make sure you're prepared to start your new account. While social media is free, it takes a lot of time to manage a new account in the right way. If you're thinking of starting a new account and have questions, email us at We'd like for you to start your account in the right way - with goals, a bunch of strong content and ideas for how to keep the account fresh and engaging over time. Check out our page on creating consistent content to help you get started. Once your account is live, let us know, and we'll consider adding it to our social directory
Best practices and tips
Looking for some advice to help you with social media? We've got you covered. Here are some best practices and tips for everyone to help. 

By audience: 
For students running social media for a club/organization
For students' personal use and brand/career building
For faculty
For staff managing University accounts

By platform: 

Help with content: 
Creating consistent content
Preparing the perfect post