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Social media crisis communication guidelines

While we hope we never have to use it, West Virginia University is prepared to update our audiences via social media in crisis situations. Official emergency news on social media will come first from the @WVUPD Twitter account, owned and run by University Police. 

In the event of an emergency on campus, we ask all University-related accounts to refrain from posting and refer their followers to the @WVUPD Twitter account for more information. 

Please post: "For updates on the current campus situation, follow @WVUPD. Thank you. #WVU"

We also recommend the following for campus social media managers at the University during a crisis: 

In certain emergencies, campus social media managers will receive an email from WVU's social media team with specific instructions during a crisis. 

If you have questions about the WVU social media crisis communication plan, please contact Tony Dobies at