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Don’t roll your eyes … WVU is on TikTok!

In social media, we often talk about taking risks. We tout our willingness to fail as we set out to attempt something new. We convince our bosses not to worry, that we know what we’re doing, even (and perhaps especially) when we haven’t the slightest clue how the new venture will work out. 

And so we present to you: TikTok by WestVirginiaU

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The Snapchat Copycat: Instagram Stories

Hi there! My name’s Morgan. I’m a social media intern at West Virginia University and a current senior marketing student here. And I also run WVU’s Instagram (with some guidance and help from Tony and Candace, of course).

Instagram Stories – the Snapchat copycat. I initially disregarded Instagram Stories, released in August 2016, and was annoyed that it was the platform’s attempt at catching up with Snapchat (and I’m still kind of annoyed, but it’s fine). Short clips of photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours? Seems familiar.

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