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Social Media Christmas Wishlist 2015

WVU Gifts

Dear Santa,

'Tis the season for spending time with family, baking cookies and exchanging gifts with loved ones. It's also the time to make a wishlist a mile long in hopes that the social media elves take heed and grant some wishes (do elves grant wishes?). Let's get right to the point, shall we?

1. Multiple Snapchat Accounts
If I could switch back and forth easily between two Snapchat accounts, I would be eternally grateful. I know it doesn't SEEM like a huge hassle to log out and log back in, but it is. I promise.

2. Links on Instagram
I promise to not use these often, but, occasionally, it would be nice to send our followers somewhere for more information. The one link in the bio just isn't cutting it.

3. Instagram Scheduling
I know the Instagram API isn't (currently) playing well with others, but how can we make this work? Can we talk about it? Maybe over coffee? 

4. Scheduling More Than One Photo on Twitter
Using Sprout Social, we are currently unable to schedule tweets with more than one photo. Maybe other platforms have figured this out, but, as of right now, I'm relegated to manually posting any tweet that contains more than one photo. Like a barbarian.

5. A Human at Snapchat Headquarters
I know you're there. You're just ignoring my calls/texts/voicemails/carrier pigeons. Are you avoiding me? I have so many questions. PS Did you get my last geofilter submission?

6. Multiple Instagram Accounts
This isn't QUITE as necessary, for me, as the Snapchat accounts. But, this would also be pretty awesome.

7. More Hours in the Day
This one might be tough, I get that. But, if you can make it happen, I might have some WVU swag to send your way.

8. Fewer GIFs (and for people to pronounce that word correctly)
GIFs can be key ... but when they are overused, I'm all
Tina Fey
(and, yes, it's pronounced like the peanut butter.)

9. Google+ to Go Away
We're still pretending this is a viable, worthwhile platform ... but, for us, it hasn't been for quite some time. Can we all agree to just focus this effort elsewhere?

10. A Gaggle of Social Media Interns
This kind of goes along with #7 "More Hours in the Day," so I'd be OK with either or. The truth is, I can only be so many places at once. So, a few mini-mes would be super great. Plus, this is one of the most fun, most exciting jobs out there - so sharing it with others is just one more added benefit.

Love always,