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WVU launches 'Ask WVU' Snapchat campaign for #WVU19

I remember being an 18-year-old ready to head to the “big city” of Morgantown. I packed a carload of essentials and even more questions: How do I get to campus from my dorm? Does Burger King accept my meal plan? Where is Ming Hsieh Hall located?

The incoming West Virginia University class ( #WVU19) had those same questions - and then some. But unlike me, they have a whole separate communications channel available: social media. And these questions were coming in like wildfire. 


On Aug. 10, West Virginia University hosted “Ask WVU,” a Snapchat-focused question and answering session to help quell some of those queries. Studies find that 77 percent of college students use Snapchat daily, and Snapchat skews even younger, too - right around the age of those entering college. So, what better than answering these questions we know students have right on a platform they're already on?

The response was phenomenal. The social team fielded more than 400 snaps from incoming freshmen. Everything from "Can I bring my dog to school?" to "Which dining hall has the best food?" were asked. The social team posted questions and then the next snap would be an answer, which used a conversational, fun tone (and maybe a few emojis 💛💙). Most questions were able to be answered with some quick searching or phone calls to correct departments. But that small task was met with sincere thanks and appreciation from the students.

The result was 550-second Snapchat story that had around 5,000 views. And countless new friends.

Engaging with the students - where they already are - helps build and strengthen relationships. Not only did we answer a lot of questions during an important time in their lives, but we were introduced to new students who we hope to continue working with in the future.