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Welcome to our new social media hub ...

We have hundreds and hundreds of social media accounts across our University ... in fact, I've never really counted, it may be more than 1,000. The WVU social media footprint is gigantic. 

That's why we've developed this website in an effort to better organize, strategize and centralize our social media efforts across the University. From students to faculty and staff, this website should be a perfect tool for you. 

Throughout this website, there are bits and pieces that you may need from time to time to help improve your social media. Here are some highlights to check out ... Social media changes so rapidly, and we'll make sure this website stays up to date, too. So, take some time and sift through the content and let us know if we're missing something ( 
We hope this will allow you to better align your social media efforts with our University-wide accounts.  Welcome to!